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Nov 14

Dental Root Caries - A significant dental problem as we age

Monday, November 14, 2016 by Malisano Dental


People over 50 are keeping their teeth longer than previous generations. As a result of this, different dental problems arise as we age. These dental problems can lead to very serious health issues.

Dental Root Caries is one of the most significant dental problems. Research supports that nearly half of all individuals aged 75 years and older have root caries. Teeth with decay on the exposed roots is the major cause of tooth loss. It often occurs in crowded mouths and gum recession.

The elderly are at risk for Root Caries due to the following:

  • Dry mouth due to medical issues and medication.
  • Poor oral hygiene - lack of dexterity.
  • Change in dietary habits- more frequent sweetened snacks.
  • Conditions that compromise oral hygiene behaviours such as physical and mental disabilities.
  • Long term use of medications with fructose, sucrose or glucose.

Dr Malisano advises that those who are over 50 should adopt a different approach to oral health to avoid tooth loss from root caries. If you have gum recession, you could be susceptible. A proactive preventive dental plan is recommended.

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