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General & Cosmetic Dentistry

So We Take General & Cosmetic Dentistry Seriously

Our comprehensive oral health assessments are comprehensive.

Your first visit with us is the most important as all successful long term treatment starts with this.

The more information we have to assess your oral health, the better the dental plan and outcome of dental treatment.

We offer first class General Cosmetic Dental Treatments that promote health and wellness – proactive dentistry rather than reactive fix and patch dentistry.

We only use premium tooth coloured restorations (see our blog “ADA Supports phasing down the use of amalgams“) –no silver fillings or no metal restorations.

There is much research to support that the health of the mouth affects your risk to cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and pregnancy complications.

Night time grinding (bruxism) and jaw joint problems now suggest a connection with an underlying pathology such as sleep disordered breathing and sleep apnoea.

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