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Teeth Whitening

See us for safe longer lasting way to brighten your teeth.

There are so many ways to whiten your teeth but it still comes down to what results you are seeking.

Are you after
  1. a stain removal?
  2. a colour change?
  3. a quick treatment?
  4. a whitening treatment that will last?
  5. the safest product?
  6. a tooth whitening treatment that is not sensitive?
  7. whitening where you can still have coffee, tea etc?
  8. a no fuss easy maintenance tooth whitening programme?
  9. advice on what products you should use?
  10. Is cost a factor?
  11. Tooth whitening is serious and the best advice is to first seek professional advice first - find out why your teeth are the way they are to warrant tooth whitening.

    There is much research to support that long-term use of over the counter tooth whitening products can lead to detrimental changes to teeth and gums and even cancer.

    At Malisano Dental, a tooth whitening oral health assessment is done to plan for your tailor made tooth whitening schedule.

    This way we will choose the correct combination of tooth whitening gels and oral health care products to reduce sensitivity and to protect your teeth and gums.

    We only use one technique – “Deep Bleaching“ as it lasts the longest, is the safest and there is no need to use over the counter tooth whitening gels.

    Please see our blog on Teeth Whitening for more information

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