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Stress / Tension / Headaches

Do stress and tension headaches affect your lifestyle?

Are you at the stage that the constant headaches, pain, lack of sleep, poor concentration, is affecting your everyday activity?

Stress / Tension / Headaches

Stress may be the cause
When it comes to the crunch, stress can be contributing factor affecting your bite and jaw posture, which can eventually cause tension headaches.

Did you know?
90% of tension headaches are “myalgia” or inflammation of the muscles of the face, neck and jaw.

There are signs that alert the dentist to an underlying sleep disorder – such as sleep apnea.

These signs are

  • Morning Headaches
  • Waking up with Headache along with signs of Jaw Joint Dysfunction such as
    • Limitation of jaw opening
    • Noisy jaw joint
    • Clenching habit
    • Jaw clicking
    • Tooth grinding
    • Deviation of jaw opening


If the muscles of your jaw need to work hard to bring your teeth together (because of a bad bite) these muscles will become tense and inflamed.

Tension headaches are formed
Inflamed muscles are swollen muscles. There are nerves, blood vessels and lymphatics that lie between muscles and between muscles and bone. Simply said, the swollen muscles can press onto these nerves and blood vessels and can cause tension headaches.

Treatment begins with an extensive oral examination to determine what may be causing your headaches. There are many treatment options and your therapy will depend on the outcome of your examination. Most often, treatment is multidisciplinary in that we treat the jaw joint and its surrounding muscles with tailor made oral appliances and if necessary, to involve other allied health professionals.

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